Music is what you want it to be...

Love Has Gone (Netsky’s Love Must Go On Refix) by Netsky

Such a funky remix of the original…he’s gotta come and play Los Angeles soon, show the US some good DnB.

Pressure by Case & Point

Friday morning just got a whole lot better…not everyone can make house music that stands out from the crowd…these guys certainly can.

Earthquake (Vato Gonzalez & Jaguar Skills remix) by DJ Fresh & Diplo

Now this kinda trap I like, with a random happy hardcore drop in the middle, and a cracking buildup…

Death By Robot by Feed Me

I would love to see Feed Me before he stops touring in the autumn…So many tracks that would be amazing live, including this uplifting banger about defending our planet from robots (you never know)!

The Grey Album (Jay Z vs. The Beatles) by Danger Mouse

My first full listen of this today…and I can see why it is called the genesis of modern mashup albums.

Take You Higher by Goodwill & Hook N Sling

Once again a remix leads me to an emotionally relevant song…we will have many more planes to fly, on many different levels…

Inspiration - Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone

All The Wrong Places (JACK BEATS REMIX) by Example

Smooth remix from Plus One and Beni G, just something about that bassline that reminds me of late nights in England, not knowing where you really are…Is it LDN, Bristol or a field somewhere…

The Motion (feat. Sampha) by Drake

Had to come off hiatus to post this one…Drizzy back to his best, trippy beat, e-motion-al lyrics and no unnecessary swag.

Language by Porter Robinson

Hello tumblr, how you been? It’s been a while, but work brings out the need to get a few tracks off my chest once again.  Here’s to being in Los Angeles…and experience those nights for me to remember my trip…however long it lasts.